Used pallets
Here you can find a used plastic pallets from stock. Plastic pallet plaza is the largest online webshop for and in your warehouse of plastic products.

Used plastic pallets
Plastic pallet plaza regularly purchases used pallets. Our used pallets are, despite some possible traces of use, still in excellent condition. All used plastic pallets are checked for possible damage and thoroughly inspected by our specialists. Only the approved pallets are offered in our webshop. Pallets that are no longer usable are brought to recycling companies where the plastic is reused. Do you want to sell your used pallets? Then look at used pallets for purchasing.

Additional information
Plastic Pallet Plaza offers an extensive range of plastic pallets. We supply both new and second-hand plastic pallets. The size varies from 40 x 60 to 114 x 114 centimeters. In terms of load capacity, we offer lightweight export pallets to heavily taxable variants. In addition, you can opt for nestable variants, so that you have less storage space. Our new plastic pallets come directly from various factories in Western Europe, guaranteeing the best quality. We always deliver our plastic pallets at economical prices.

Advantages of used plastic pallets
Plastic pallets have several advantages over wooden pallets: they are user-friendly, rot and do not splinter, require less maintenance and look more beautiful. Plastic also offers advantages on a hygienic level; for example, plastic pallets do not have to be treated with ISPM-15 when they are exported. This way you can transport a product without obstacles on the plastic pallets of Plastic Pallet Plaza. More and more companies prefer plastic pallets over wooden pallets. This is because plastic pallets are more durable than the wooden version. A plastic pallet is made from a single piece of plastic. There is therefore less chance of damage, so the pallets last longer and you ultimately save on costs. A plastic pallet is also easy to clean. This makes the product ideal for the food industry.