Pallet boxes-Ecobins
Pallet boxes-Ecobins foldable plastic boxes are fully collapsible. These pallet containers of 1200×1000 mm with a height of 800 and 1000 mm
are very suitable for multiple use for, for example, a pool system. Because the Pallet boxes are fully collapsible they take up little transport space

So very efficient and cost-saving for transport. The Pallet Boxes-Ecobins are available with an open grid as well as a closed version.

4 reasons to choose the Pallet Boxes-Ecobins

  High stability. The pallet box has a clever wall construction, extra reinforced corner elements and a weighted base. This well thought-out and unique construction gives the pallet box an unprecedented high stability.

  10% more indoor volume. Due to the outstanding wall panels, the pallet box has up to 10% more capacity than conventional with straight walls.

  Hygienic design. The outer walls of the pallet box are smooth with few external ribs and therefore easy to clean.

  Long life. The pallet box is manufactured from food-grade HDPE plastic. The high-quality material, the heavy construction and the smart wall construction of the pallet box guarantee years of user-friendliness.

Handy pallet boxes for space-saving storage at Plastic Pallet Plaza.

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