Hygiene pallets closed deck
Hygiene pallets closed deck

Food processing industry
Companies that handle food must do this in a safe and hygienic way. It is their responsibility to prevent consumers from becoming ill. With a food safety plan, a company identifies what can go wrong and how it can prevent errors. This plan also looks at the hygiene during the transport of raw materials – and (semi) manufactures – to the storage in sufficiently clean, dark areas. Companies follow the rules for the production of safe food from the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Our hygiene pallets meet these requirements.
What is a Hygiene pallet
Also called hygiene pallets – is made of plastic. This material is much more hygienic than wood. Wood is porous, which makes wooden pallets a nice nest for vermin and insects. Wooden pallets also give splinters and that is precisely what must be prevented. Plastic is not porous and can not splinter. In addition, Hygiene pallets closed deck are completely smooth, which greatly reduces the chance of unwanted guests. The finishing of pallets is specifically aimed at preventing spaces and seams in which dirt can accumulate.
When a Hygiene pallets?
The Hygiene pallets closed deck is used in the food industry. This concerns companies that are involved in the preparation, treatment, processing, packaging, transport and distribution of foodstuffs or foodstuffs. All these companies must adhere to the HACCP rules. ‘Food’ is a general term and is used for all foodstuffs and beverages consumed by people. An example of this is the meat-processing industry. The suppliers of raw materials and auxiliary materials to the food industry also fall under the HACCP rules, just like the companies involved in animal feed. Plastic Pallet Plaza has various hygiene pallets in the assortment. You can choose from various formats and different load-bearing capacity.