Euronorm bins
What is Euronorm
Euronorm is a standardized measurement. The dimensions are geared to, for example, transport on a standard pallet such as a Euro pallet or a plastic dolly of 60 × 80 cm. For example, manufacturers, suppliers, fitters and / or transporters achieve the most effect with transport and storage, with as little space loss as possible, in the warehouse or in the vehicle.

Euro containers: plastic containers in Euronorm format
Everything was as functional and efficient as a Euronorm container. Plastic euro standard containers with different bottom sizes can be stacked together. The euronorm containers stand stably on each other and by efficiently transporting their dimensions.Euronorm is based on the basic size 600×400 mm (length x width) and is accepted as a standard throughout Europe. Various other soil sizes have been derived from this basic size. We supply Euronorm bins in the standard sizes 200x150mm, 300x200mm, 400x300mm, 600x400mm and 800x600mm.

Euronorm, efficient sizing

Manufacturers, the (large) trade and transporters all over Europe realize the most efficient way of transport and storage with the Euronorm format. The Euronorm dimensions of bins and crates intended for efficient use in combination with Europallets 1200x800mm, industrial pallets 1200x1000mm and rollcontainers 800x600mm. The dimensions of these load carriers are again geared to the dimensions of transport by lorries.

Compatible with Euro pallets and industry pallets
In addition to Euro containers in standard Euro format, we also supply other baking formats that are tailored to the size of a Euro pallet or an industrial pallet. Europallet-compatible bins and industrial pallets stack extremely efficiently and without loss of space on a Europallet and an industrial pallet, respectively. For example, on a Europallet exactly six plastic bins with dimensions 400×400 mm or three bins with floor dimensions 800×400 mm fit.

The industry pallet-compatible bins stack perfectly on an industrial pallet and achieve a 100% utilization of the pallet deck. Bins with a floor dimension of 1000×400 mm or 600×500 mm are industrial pallets compatible, as are the standard Euronorm bins in 600×400 mm or their derivatives.